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    I'm looking for a way to delete all known Wifi networks without using the Wifi Preferences App. (and without doctoring)

    I'm having a problem where my known Wifi networks aren't working anymore. When I go to WiFi preferences the network flashes in and out so I can never tap on it to press "Forget Network". I keep getting "association failed" and other random errors. This is happening with multiple wifi access points, after reboots, after a lot troubleshooting.

    This started happening after trying to get the Mobile Hotspot Stuff to work. I figured I'd make a separate thread because to me it seems like a utility to clear all Wifi preferences could be good thing for the community. Since the built in App seems kinda flaky.

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    I was searching the forums looking for a way to do this myself. I have a feeling that after I connected to my parents unencrypted "linksys" network that my pre trys to connect to "linksys" everytime that wifi picks up that there is a "linksys" network in my area.

    The solution I found is to

    - use Save/Restore to backup the wifi settings
    - use 7zip to open the wifi back up file
    - extract the "" to a local dir
    - use sqliteadmin to set the "profileList" key's value from "[{wifiProfile":"kjadslkfjasldjkf"}] to [{"wifiProfile":""}], which I believe will erase all stored profiles.
    - exit sqliteadmin
    - use 7zip to put the new file back in the zip file, verifiy that the checksum and fileformat are still the same
    - copy the zip file back to the save/restore directory on the pre
    - use save/restore to restore wifi settings
    - reboot the pre and all good!
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    in webOS 1.4.5 you can only remove a network while you are connected to it... Pretty crazy.

    The reviews of webOS 2.0 have said that you can actively remove them in a more logical way.

    If you are having issues with the "Linksys" SSID, delete it next time you connect to one. I wouldn't be surprised if the phone thinks they are all the same if they have the same SSID.

    I always keep my wifi radio off unless I am connecting on purpose, just to save battery. When I do that, I turn off the 3G radio because that seems to save more battery than when it is on but not being used for data - not sure why.

    Have you checked out a preware miracle called "mode switcher"? It can automate a lot of that for you, too. Coolest thing since uberkernel hit 1ghz overclocking speed.
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    Yeah, Modeswitcher is awesome. I find that when I'm driving to work my phone will detect "linksys" just for a few seconds then lose it. I guess I could pull over, let it connect then click "Forget Network". Still cool what you can do with Save/Restore.

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