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    i installed the pre ware and all that good stuff, but i was playing w/ the phone in menu and hit "update", now all the pre ware stuff is gone. Do i have to re-do the preware???
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    click on the update button on the phone will not erase everything ... i think im missing something can you explain further?
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    Can you be a little more specific as to "update". Was it the update icon in the launcher, did you check for updates, or update PRL?? A little more info might make it easier for someone to figure out what happened.
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    What "update"? What version of webOS were you on, and what version does it say now?
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    i installed patches and a theme... both are gone... the only thing i have is music player remix. and when i go to the preware penguin ... it first gave me the menu w/ no available updates, now it gives me an error! what preferences do the preware need to be set to?
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    Did you actually update WebOS to a newer version??
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    u knw what.... it just worked! but it does not show "package updates" or the "instlled packages" i did, only available packages... i changed preware preference to "manual" instead of "once daily" or "every launch and it came up... just missing my installed packages

    @ pkisme i did the gift box in the launcher
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    im kinda new to this people, so bare w/ me... but i should be good now, huh?
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    do i need patch recovery?
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    Hmmm, I was thinking maybe you did an update and without removing themes or something and it got messed up. (I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping you updated to 1.4 and I checked my updates immediately but no dice) Not showing the installed packages is weird and definetely a problem that is out of my league. Personally I would restart my phone and if that doesn't fix it I would try posting to the WebOs-Internals forum in the PreWare section. Those guys are the goods and can give you an expert answer.
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    okay... i see yall dont want to talk to me now, thanx anyway
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    Sorry it took so long to respond, I'm eating lunch and goofing around on my laptop. Sometimes if I do too much at once the hamster falls off the wheel and my responses are kinda slow.
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    cool... thanx pkisme!
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    and im at work, so thats my fault... imma lil impatient

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