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    Hi, first time poster but have lurked long enough to read all the stickies and How To's.

    On to my problem, everytime I turn wireless on the battery drains extremely fast either at home or at work. I have left the phone on the last few nights at home before I go to sleep with 100% charge and both mornings the phone is dead with no charge whatsoever.

    Here are the variables:

    GPS: Off
    Mail: 4 accounts (1 exchange, 3 pop) all set for "As mail arrives" I get an average of 6 emails overnight.
    Brightness: 60%
    Open Applications: None
    Phone: On but no calls.

    I charge the phone to 100% (~2 hours) then I reboot the phone and place it on my night stand. The WAP is in the same room so its not struggling for signal.

    But like clock work, the next morning phone is completely off, even after I plug it in the wall outlet for charging it takes about 5 minutes before I can actually turn it on.

    This is strange as I've read various posts on how wireless actually saves battery life, but obviously is opposite for me. Defective battery or worse, wireless? Any help or tips would be appreciated.

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    not sure but my battery rarely takes a hit overnight when connected to my wifi. I see the least amount of drain using wifi.

    Have you tried turning off wifi and leaving it overnight to see if you get the same results?

    Might be a defective battery.
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    This has been discussed many times and other threads.
    It started with V1.3.5 and exists with certain Wireless Routers. In my case it's the Netgear WPN824 router.
    Fortunately I have an unlimited data plan so I'll just keep wifi off until palm resolves the issue.
    Again, this issue STARTED with 1.3.5 and did not exist in previous versions of webos.
    There are also many posts of this issue in the palm support forums so hopefully palm is working on the issue.

    A battery replacement did nothing to solve the problem for me.
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    Thanks for the info teejster, any links would be helpful. Especially to the Palm support forums.

    I suppose I can search for that as well, but since you took the time to respond to this thread I figured you could followup with citations.
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    Nevermind, I was able to find a few forum posts using google.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, never would have thought it would be the router.

    I would post links myself but I don't have enough posts to do that.
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    i'm surprised nobody said this... But having emails as they arrive is hurting the most, especially with 4 accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    i'm surprised nobody said this... But having emails as they arrive is hurting the most, especially with 4 accounts.
    If he only gets 6 emails, having 4 accounts set to as items arrive is probably better than having those 4 accounts check for mail every hour even, depending on what technology the pop accounts are using for push e-mail. I really think there is some issue with the wi-fi itself, as I've experienced crazy drain with it on since 1.3.5.

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