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    Hello again Palm Pre owners!

    I've just launched a new sort of search engine that is meant to help people discover apps for specific needs or problems they're trying to solve with their Palm Pre.

    The URL is in the title of this thread.

    Could you folks give it a whirl and let me know how I can improve it? I'd be interested in any new feature ideas and even what new WebOS apps review websites I should be adding.

    Note that it isn't meant to search for specific apps, but to search for apps that do specific things. Not so much "Pandora", but "streaming music" is a perfect search for what this is meant for.

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    Cool idea. i just tried it and i wish i knew more about what goes in to making a program such as this. i can tell you though that I did try the "streaming music' search and it didnt bring up the slacker app. So dont know what you can do for that but just an fyi. Is this something that you can make for use on the pre, and not just as a website I mean?
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    Thanks jimmyno2. An app for WebOS is definitely something I'm considering if there's sufficient interest in the web version.

    While Pandora, AccuRadio, and Net2Streams do show up, Slacker didn't come up for "streaming music" partly because none of the review sites I'm indexing have talked about it yet. But that's valuable feedback, i'll definitely keep working on the index quality as we move forward so that all the relevant apps are displayed.

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