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    I've had this issue too. And it's not the network, but the phone. I've got a Sprint Overdrive Hotspot, and in the exact same place(full bars on the overdrive), It'll register -75dB and the Pre will be in the mid 80s to low 90s. And it can't hold an EV-DO connection to save its life.
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    The Pre's radio is terrible. Alot of people have dumped the Pre for any other Sprint phone and have been happy ever since. I havent heard of the Pre Plus is any better.
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    The texting issues seem to be with Sprint, not the Pre. My sister is a long-time customer of Sprint and has these same issues when using her dumbphone to text her son's dumbphone (and vice versa).

    I hope Palm has these issues figured out when they release the Pre on AT&T. I really want a Pre but I'm not going to put up with this issue on any network. Hopefully the change from EV-DO to GSM will cure this ailment. But if they just can't get it right I'll end up with an iPhone. :-(
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