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    Today for some unknown reason, when I place a call I hear nothing out of the ear piece and the mic does not work. Works in in spearker phone but that is it. I installed a couple patches last night but none related to thee phone, just luna reset options and a browser one.

    this is my business line so need to get it workig asap! Thanks much!
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    This happened to me the other day. I tried plugging in a pair of headphones and calling my voicemail and then hitting the mute key and removing the headphones. This has been documented to work, but in my case it did not. I had to bring the phone into sprint and 3 days later (today) I am going back after work to pick up my refurb'd phone. My phone was a launch day phone, how about yours?
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    check out the first sticky at the top of this forum and see if it helps.
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    yeah its a know problem. On mine i would put the head phones in and out until it removes it from headset mode. On my last Pre I couldn't get it out and Sprint replaced it no problem. IMO Refurbs are not bad at all.
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    YOu have the stuck pin hw issue. Get a q-tip, remove the cotton from one end and slowly place the q-tip into the headphone port. There is a small button that gets stuck half to 3/4 down. Eventually, this will continue to happen so you might need to get a replacement.
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