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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottMGS View Post
    I have an DSLR and, yes, it is too bulky to carry around all the time. I do carry a small Canon Powershot and I can pull it off my belt and take a picture or video *far* quicker than I can with my Pre:
    1. hit the power button
    2. slide the lock icon
    3. enter the unlock code
    4. tap the camera icon (which, for speed, I've added directly to the launch bar)
    5. wait for the camera app to load
    6. frame the picture
    7. hope I tap the button (yeah, I know, there's a patch for that)
    8. wait to see if it took the picture *when* I clicked the button
    I agree, opening Pre camera is slower than a point and shot camera, and P&S takes higher quality photos than Pre, too. But for me, carrying another device that requires me to remember to charge the battery, download the photos when the card is full and the potential of loosing it do not worth the extra speed and quality I get.
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    @ ScottMGS

    you do know you can use the space bar to take pics right??
    no patch required, dont even fiddle with the touch screen, enjoy the convenience of physical buttons
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    Quote Originally Posted by showmrock View Post
    Is everyone else as excited for 1.4's Video Recording feature as I am?
    But i am not looking forward to the 30 sec recording time Palm will give us.

    Or do you think Palm learned their lesson from the APP butchering they did to us for months?
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    I for one am greatly looking forward to it. I have a nice 12.2 megapixel camera but honestly its always nice to have a camcorder anywhere even if its not the highest of quality. From what i could get from precorder i can tell its going to be light years ahead of quality from any other video we have taken from old treos. I have the htc 6800 and then the mogul. Video was terrible at best. But still its always nice to video some random stuff you otherwise would have missed if you didnt have something right then and there to shoot with. Im Pumped!!!
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    i definitely look forward to it. but i hope it's not another one of those 'i'm super psyched' then i get it and i'm '......meh, who cares.' it's happened with Precorder, but who wants to record video without being able to see what you're recording.

    i was shocked that the Pre didn't have a voice recorder to start with. that is key for me. still loved the phone and it's OS so much i couldn't consider a return. besides, where was i going to go, iPhone? i don't think so.

    i just make do without and wait patiently for it to hit the AppCatalog or Preware
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelrj View Post
    But i am not looking forward to the 30 sec recording time Palm will give us.
    no 30 sec limit
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    The iphone is 12 fps or something like that and it sucks.. hopefully the pre is 30fps..
    I am looking forward to the recorder.. probably won't use it a ton but it's nice as an option... kinda like the camera.. I don't use it alot but the quality is good enough that it is useful from time to time.
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    The iPhone is 30fps, you must be thinking of Cycorder or an app store app for 2 and 3g.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showmrock View Post
    So advertising is a big deal and with Video recording on the way this month what better way to advertise then to shoot and showoff clips on various websites such as youtube! I really think this update will add a little extra kick in pre sales! One huge advantage that most people haven't realized is that you can shoot on location and upload immediately to youtube, facebook etc no matter where you are (if you have coverage of course). That's a feature that so many point and shoot cameras/video recorders can't even do! What are your thoughts?
    I am in no way excited by this feature at all.
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    Not that excited about something that should have been there in the first place. I don't do too much video or camera with my cell phone. Not that great quality. HOWEVER, I will be using it as a memo recorder. Something I use all the time and miss from my Centro, and AGAIN something that should have already been on the phone.

    But keep pushing on Palm Pre. Still a very cool phone. But if I were to get Excited about a software upgrade; I think I would take a look at my priorities. (just kidding, what ever floats your boat!)
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    im uber excited.... it could be all the southern comfort ive had tonight talking im not sure.... but one thing i do know is it took me too long to type this out and i think there aren't any typos.. time to count sheep...
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    I am rather excited for the video recording. Though the supposed speed increase is what I am most excited for.

    I have noticed something though. I have had a phone with a camera and video recorder in it for years now, and I didn't use either feature for a long time. When I bought my 12mp P&S camera I started taking 98% of my pictures with my phone's 1.3 cam. When I bought a new HD Camcorder I started taking video with the same dinky phone cam. Now that I have a Pre Plus I take about 30-40 pics a week from the phone, loving the 3MP compared to my old phone.

    But i am not looking forward to the 30 sec recording time Palm will give us.
    What 99% of phones do is include a toggle option to either "Limit to send-able size" or allow for as much recording as the available memory can hold.
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    very excited.
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    Im pretty excited about this. How many times have been somewhere and something happened that you said to yourself, "I wish somebody videoed that." Well, now we can. The edit feature seems kinda cool too. I don't know the actual specs, but would be nice if resolution is larger than 480x320.
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    Not in the least. Honestly, video recording is so far down the list of things that I want fixed on this phone, that it isnt even on my radar. Top of my list would be speed--I've started carrying an iPod touch with me to do everything but phone due to the incredible slowness in everything that I try to do on this phone. Second on the list would be the next-to-useless implementation of Google Maps. I live and work in Manhattan, so I have good cell coverage, and it take almost 5 full minutes after start before the maps application is usable.
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    for everyone whos not excited have you seen the quality of videos the pre can record with precorder??
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    I'm stoked about getting the ability to record video. I'm tempted to try the hack that gets it running, the only downside to it is the lack of audio. Hopefully the webos update will include audio in the video recording.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ishpessoa View Post
    I'm stoked about getting the ability to record video. I'm tempted to try the hack that gets it running, the only downside to it is the lack of audio. Hopefully the webos update will include audio in the video recording.
    hmmm... Are you talking about Precorder? It can record both audio & video.
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    After they give us video recording, I will begin complaining about number two on my list...voice memos. I sometimes miss my Centro....
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    Yep, I'm excited about video recording and everything 1.4 will be bring. I'll bet Palm will have the video recording kick **** on the Pre. I'll bet that's part of the reason we've had to wait so long. (I hope anyway but am optimistic) They really have not let me down yet, it keeps getting better and better.
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