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    don't care. i'm not interested in recording poor quality video. but it needed to be added. because the platform needs to provide the same if not more services then it's competitors.
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    It will be good to have, but I'm not doing backflips in anticipation or anything. I'll probably use it a few times, like I've used the camera a few times, but until things start working instantly I wont be using either all that much. The editing on-device could be good, if palm lowers that 25 pixel radius point for movement--if not, it will just be another potential for headache.

    Once the OS gets tightened up, it will be good though.
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    I think its a nice addition. Video recording should be standard on any smart phone. some people won't use it, but it does come in handy to document an accident, or something funny. Like yesterday while I was waiting in line for the bus, this lady had DJ style headphones on and she was busting some moves. She was good too
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    I am freakin pumped. Can't wait to start using the record feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helidos View Post
    Don't be made when they start laughing as your phone freezes and locks up and requires a restart
    I've learned to restart my phone before showing it off. Sometimes the Pre can be like that.
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    can't wait, cmon palm it's feb already!!
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    Yes I can't wait, I want to be able to take video of my dog in the park!

    Its kind of the on the fly kinda of thing.

    But I also want to give kudos to the developers of precorder, they put a lot of work into that app.

    It just didn't allow for viewing of the video while you took it, so you never knew it was the correct shot or not!

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    I'm looking forward to it. It's another tool on my Swiss army phone with no new attachments required. And the camera ain't half bad neither.

    I'd be really excited if someone tapped in to the video code and created an app to upload a live video broadcast to Ustream or , now THAT would be sick.
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    I'm definitely excited about it. Even with Precorder, the Pre takes decent video, so I'm pumped to use it with my kids. I've had video recording on phones before, but the quality was too poor to really use. I think the Pre's camera is good enough - even without auto focus - to make it worthwhile. Can't wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by intlbeans View Post
    [url= Mobile Uploads Up 400% Since iPhone 3GS Launch[/url]

    I have 2 young kids and personally look forward to being able to capture the silly stuff whenever and wherever it happens.
    ditto this may stop my change to droid or nexus one, with small kids best camcorder is one you have with
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    I want it with qik(coming to pre) on it so I can do my liberty activism and if a cop takes my phone the video is backup online.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    I definitely want it. A lot.
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    I have received video clips from other people in their text messages and I am so jealous. I am really looking forward to using it.
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    I'm looking forward to your video showing that shows your excitement about the video recording feature! I expect minimally that we will be seeing fireworks and a ticker tape parade, and possibly some abusing of iPhones!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I think it will be cool to have but like most people say, hey I can use my Digital Camera (a tiny Cannon Elph) which has 720p video and I have a Eye-fi Card and a Mifi so i can essentially do the same thing a pre just a lot better quality, but I can see uses every once in a while. I sell sprint so I am more excited about that than anything else on thing it can do that not a lot of other phones can say they do.
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    I am very excited!
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    put me on the excited list.
    Have had Treos for years and used video recorrding often, especially since it was so easy to mms or email.
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    I think this maybe the best update to date! I have a young son and recorded all the time with my Centro. You never know when you would need to record something. Someone made a good point. I'm alittle concerned about it. Ower mics will be on the wrong side of the phone. Makes you ask the question, how good will the video sound be?
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    I don't miss video recording, but I do want to see it ASAP only so that the Pre becomes more competitive. That being said, I don't have children nor a dog, etc. I'm sure once I knock my girl up, I'll change my mind about video recording. By then, I would rather have the real thing though.
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    I am excited

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