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    As the title states....

    PalmDatabase.db3 corrupts sendings picture (MMS) messages

    So I doctored my phone back to 1.3.1 because I couldnt send/receiveand everything is fine. Went to and pictures sent fine. However, once I put back on my PalmDatabase.db3 that saves all my texts etc, pics wont send/receive again. Is there a certain thing i can do so I dont lose all my texts. If i doctor it again can I extract the text another way or does anyone have an idea why it is causing the issue!?
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    what version of webOS was the .db3 file from? When you restored it back to your phone, was it on the same version? I.e. Did you backup in 1.3.1 but restored in

    also, I assume you did, but did you do a system or luna restart after restoring it?
  3.    #3 I only brought it back after I upgraded to and then the issue reared its ugly head and yeah i did both ways.
  4. #4 doesnt play nice with reloading the db3 file.

    personally i have one db3 from 1.3.1 and if i need to restore i restor from that (i doctor to 1.3.1 and than put the db3 file back in)
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    Any updates?
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    same thing here. about 2 weeks ago, i was unable to send an mms messages, from one day to the next. copies my palmdatabase.db3 file, doctor'd my phone and was able to, but once sent the file back, i couldn't. something on the file is the big culprit here. not sure what. sprint was unable to help me either.
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    Some people are assuming that the PalmDatabase.db3 is transportable from one device to another. I don't. I suspect that's your problem.
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    I recently doctored my phone ( to and my phone was working about 95% copying the db3 file before and after. All my call logs were there, sms, etc.. but I ran into an issue with my calendar not syncing correctly with google, and MMS messages not sending or receiving.

    There is an app in Preware (maybe testing feed I can't remember) called Pre Backup Utility. I haven't used it yet (I didn't learn about it till the day after I doctored) but it may help you in the future...

    (there are more links in that thread for more information)
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    do not try and transfer your palmdatabase.db3 files. yes it will restore all of your conversations, but its more of a hurt than a help. Buddy of mine did the same thing and every time he transferred his .db3 file texts or mms wouldn't send or receive. Just wipe your phone and deal with the lost messages.

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