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    Well i have 1.4 now, and still have this problem
    Samesies (name that movie, lol)

    It is annoying and I had it fixed by reinstalling a majority of programs that I had installed with preware and then uninstalling them on the phone and not using preware. But just today it came back and starts doing the same thing.

    Decided to just delete preware and get rid of my patches. While they are nice and all, none of them are so extraordinary that I really need preware. And I guess the update thing is something I'll live with for a while until I decide to do something about it...again.
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    I have had this problem since 1.3.5.x. I decided to wipe my Pre when I installed 1.4. No matter what I did, webOS Doctor to 1.2.1, webOS Doctor, Full Erase, etc., made the problem go away. I gave up and went ahead installed 1.4 and my patches. I still have this Application Updates Available problem, but no other problems. *shrug*
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    I just got the problem recently. Chatted with Palm and they said they will get their engineers to look into it. I will not hold my breath.
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    I've had this for a while now too (even Doctored before updating to 1.4). Someone said that they believe it is an issue with uninstalling an application and those settings still being part of the Palm backup copy. I deleted the backup and then restarted and created a new backup copy, but issue still there. Once in a while it will show I am fully up to date, but will show the 'updates available' note if I hit the Update button again. Strange yes, Annoying slightly... but no biggie I guess.
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    I, forgot to mention that I also cleared my Palm backups to no avail. I just redoctored and loaded 1.4 again (I had installed the multi-mod browser patch which apparently killed ringtone preview and streaming audio). This time I created a new Palm profile with no apps during the redoctoring to avoid residue carryover and the problem ultimately reappeared when I restored my previous Palm profile. It must be on Palm's end...
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    I have not read the messages in this thread but can tell you what is going on.

    For some reasons, developers are checking off the wrong box when submitting their app to Palm's App Catalog.

    They are setting it for 'Pixi ONLY'!

    If you have an app what you know has an upgrade and its saying this app is not meant for you model, that is what has happened.

    You need to let the developer know, so he/she can resubmit it with the correct boxes checked off.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Had a long talk with Palm engineer and he could not fix it booting me up to another specialist. While annoying I could live with this bug but it also seems to be draining my battery faster. I am thinking of using web doctor but I do not think it will help. I think the problem is at Palm's end.
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    I did not have this problem before but after 1.4 I have it. I also do not have any Preware on my Pre. Just began a couple of weeks ago. When I do have an update it works fine so it is just a minor thing to me - Palm will fix it in time.
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    I have had this problem since the new way palm handles updates
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