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    I made a thread about this awhile ago, lol, but people with a Palm pre and are also with Bell, are you able to receive picture messages? :s

    Is there something I need to do to set it up, like link an account or something like that..?
    I had a pre, and bell told me it was a hardware issue that I wasn't able to receive pictures, so they gave me a new one... and my new one doesn't work either.. It's getting kind of annoying..
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    I had the same problem. It's on Bell's end. I have no idea how they fixed it, it took me 3 weeks going through their shoddy customer service. One day, I randomly received a picture of a Bell box, I guess their techs were testing to see if they fixed it. From then on, receiving MMS worked fine. I don't know what they did, (and seeing as of how no one called to see if I received it, I'm not sure if they know that they did something right), but they didn't touch my hardware, so it was obviously a problem on their own end.
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    Make sure you have data turned on. If it is off, just having WiFi on will not suffice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Make sure you have data turned on. If it is off, just having WiFi on will not suffice.
    You don't need data for mms...Or am I wrong?
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    I suffer the same problem, I used to be able to receive no problem, for the past few months I haven't been able to, I have called Bell numerous times and they say there is nothing on their end stopping mms messages from going through, it is very annoying!
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    update PRL and network? under the phone dialer and preferences
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    I also have this problem! I'm gonna call into bell too, and complain till this gets resolved.
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    Haven't had this issue, though I admittedly don't get many MMS messages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    update PRL and network? under the phone dialer and preferences
    my data roaming was "off" what will this do??
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    i have the same problem, i used to be able to receive pic msg's but i cant now...
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    Now that you mention it, seems like it.

    My friend was playing with his MMS package the other day, sent me and my friend an MMS, I didn't get it. He's on Rogers and my other friend is on Fido.
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    bell fixed that issue with me with in 2 days 4 months ago.

    it was something on their end. Tell them right away to do a test with the engineers. They are the smart ones.
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    Hey folks.

    don't really receive nor use MMS too much, but read this post, and had to help out my other BELL peeps. Confirmed I have the issue as well. All data works, all sms works, can send but cannot receive MMS.

    On the phone for 1 hour with Bell customer support. Can't blame them too much, they go through all the steps for trouble shooting. We ran around the Palm Profile a bunch, tried to got through the as well. Confirmed data/sms, etc.

    Disconnected the battery with phone still on several times, eventually the customer service rep resorted to his help desk.

    Eventually got this issue resolved.

    Here is what I transcribed from the customer support's ramblings...

    some settings on Bell helpdesk, profile, mac's reset, clearing cache on their end, recreating mms profile. refresh settings check on their end.

    and voila! the MMS automagically appeared! Had to send new test MMS after all their monkeying around tho...
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    Got it fixed, Then went down again on both mine and wifes phone called again and still the same crap I have to go thru so i gave up, I dont' have 3 hours to keep calling them for test. Really sick of Bells service, (they do do a lot of testing thought which i was happy about but i'm sorry this palm pre does not work well for CDMA BELL at all. move on to GSM please Palm.
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    bell blows. simple as that, GSM is the future not cdma.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Mair View Post
    bell blows. simple as that, GSM is the future not cdma.
    had no issues with bell whatsoever, and gsm is old technology, so is cdma nowadays though
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    Hey guys, MMS doesnt work but remember, Bell is too stupid to check our Data Usage!

    So at least we got that advantage, right?

    Downloaded 4 gigs in streamed MP3's on my Pre last month... Bell said I used 7 megabytes hahaha!

    Im thinking of downgrading to the 50 MB/month plan if they let me.

    If you havent tried it, try it out! Bell DOESNT check for Data usage on your Pre, you will NOT get charged for overusage. Its great!
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    I'm just worried that the gravy train will end some day. I don't send pics from my phone so I'll take the misreorted data usage over this function any day of the week (assuming that the two are in fact related)
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    I can confirm that bell does track MMS and will charge you if its not part of your plan. I found out the hard way.
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    yeah MMS you do pay for...because it doesnt use your Data connection.

    I know this because my mom has a feature-phone without Data and I blocked the data connection on her phone (basically I put 00000000 as her address in the modem settings) and she can still send and receive MMS's.

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