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    My Sprint Pre had a slight oreo effect. I switched to the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon and have NO problems whatsoever. No oreo. No signal issues. No battery problems. I'm loving the Pre now, didn't before.
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    Mine has no oreo. It's brand new as of today, though, so I'm hoping it stays that way. It also has no dead pixels, FWIW.
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    Two original pre's and both fine.
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    The problem here is that some people consider a little wiggle = oreo and that's not the case.

    If the phone wiggles a little but the top half does not turn past the "posts" that are just inside the lip at the top corners of the phone then it does not have an oreo problem. If the top half is so loose that it turns right past those, then you have an oreo issue.
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    Oreos don't wiggle, they come apart if you twist them. My 8-month old Pre wiggles a tiny bit if I make it, but is solid. Maybe all the times I've dropped it made it tougher.
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    Well, I just dropped my Pre and now there is no Oreo effect. Don't ask me why/how x)

    I wouldn't recommend you try this at home though
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    no oreo here.. probably cause i've never tried to twist it to see if it would twist.. uh.. derr
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    No twist here. I have a plastic protector on the phone, so maybe that helps.
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    Got two launch day Pres and their all okay over here(aside from the abuse mine has seen >_>)
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    Had mine since launch with no problems.
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    I've had mine since launch day, and there are now 4 in our family. One was replaced twice. None of the 6 had any oreo to speak of.

    I"ve always been curious about this. I don't baby mine much at all, and have dropped it a few times, but I always try to avoid opening up the slider by any method other than the way described in the manual and by the Sprint salesperson, which is my big fat thumb pressed right in the center of the screen and sliding up.

    It just seems to me that if you are opening it up by pressing on the very bottom, or worse by the bottom corner and exerting any kind of sideways or diagonal pressure, you are going to create the oreo.
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    I have had 2 Pres, first one broke because I dropped it from a very high distance :-( but that didn't have an oreo effect and my 2nd Pre is working just fine. I can understand build quality issues, but I think it gets blown well out of proportion on here.
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    3 oreo....6 months.

    ....oh...and now have dropped mine 21 times from 3 feet or higher. No scratches.
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    my pre-release pre had very slight oreo even when new(manufacture date april/09) - replaced with recon (no oreo) and now have a third recon with no oreo at all, and a beautiful slide that springs more than the others, HOWEVER, my power button is weak (feels dead) already and that was out of the package. I'll be going for four soon.
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    Neither of the Pres I've owned has had the Oreo Effect, so I'd say I'm fortunate.
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    I've got a refurbed Sprint Pre w/ just a little wiggle. My previous 2 (replaced due to other issues) were Oreo free.

    I'd also like to know what people consider "oreo". A little wiggle is going to be present in any slider, I dont think I'd consider it a problem until it really starts effecting the function of the phone.
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    I've got 8 Pre/Pre plus in my family and no one has had any issues what so ever with them... Palm FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbkat View Post
    How do most people here define "Oreo" effect? A corner twist? My launch day Pre has a little more play in it now than over the first few months but hardly what Iwould consider "Oreo"
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    Tiny little wiggle, nothing major.
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    In my experience, the Pre only oreos when you place the battery in backwards.

    I'm inclined to believe that nearly all absurd levels of oreo are because of this, and this is the reason Palm now shows you EXACTLY how to place it in on the Pre Plus.
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