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    HI, I would Like to switch to th pixi rather then using pre.

    Would It be possible if I could trade sprint my used pre (in fine condition) for a pixi.

    Also how is a pre better then a pixi, besides the biigger screen? Does the pixi on sprint have wifi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by muslimun View Post
    Would It be possible if I could trade sprint my used pre (in fine condition) for a pixi.
    Calling sprint would be a start for that one...

    And no, pixi on sprint doesn't have wifi
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    don't do it, my wife did and regretted it...she switched back after 3weeks. the pixi is a slow poke...don't do it!
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    ok, but is it possibl anyways? Could I trade sprint my palm and they give me back in return a NEW pixi?

    Also, if it is possible, would they be able to transfer my paid apps?
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    calls sprint and ask them if it is possible!!!

    and ur paid apps will transfer along with ur palm profile
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    Sprint won't do it, tried for my wife. Just bought one on ebay and sold her pre for slightly more on ebay. Overall she's happy with the switch because of the form/keyboard, but does notice it's a little slower at times. She doesn't care about 3d games/wifi...all compatible apps get transferred automatically.
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    Pixi can't play the new 3d games. Uhm...and there's a few other things it won't be able to do, but I forgot what they were. :|
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    just for grins im going to ask.......... long have you had your Pre?
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    Used phones have very little value to the stores. Sprint Buyback has the phone listed as $105 value for buyback. The Pixi is listed at $400 unactivated. Your best bet may be to sell the Pre to a individual instead of the store and buy the Pixi from a reputable seller on eBay.
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