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    Kind of searched but didn't see anything. saw a review in "the missing sync" that said it didn't work with the reviewer's windows 7 pc. any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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    I'm using Chapura Pocket Mirror over the wifi. Its working well, very pleased with it
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    I plan to post a detailed description of my solution, but here is the readers digest solution.

    I use Chapura to sync notes and tasks only. All my contacts are in one google account where my google voice mail is. Contacts sync with my phone. My calendars are spread across 3 google calendars which sync with my phone, giving my phone calendar a nice color coded look for 3 major categories. Finally, I use syncmycal to sync Outlook contacts and calendars to google. No matter where I make changes, everything stays in sync and I get color coordinated calendars on both Outlook and the Pre.
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