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    I have a recurring, although not continuous, problem with calling up programs, particularly the phone function. I'll have the PalmPrePlus flower photo with the five icons showing on the bottom. touching the phone icon causes it to light up, but no phone screen appears. Multiple touches causing multiple lighting up events, but again, no phone function. Opening and closing the slider and then trying to boot up the phone works occasionally but not always.

    the problem is most common with the phone icon but I have had it with other icons as well.


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    go here and download the webos repair utility and run it on your phone . be sure that ,once its downloaded place it in the same folder as webos doctor or it wont work. it may even still ask you to download the most current version of the doctor if so then download it and throw away your other version. after that hook up phone and open the repair utility and start it up if it find an issue it will give you several options hit the fix all button and watch it fix any issues on your phone . there is an overide button in the menu at the top but leave it be unless you feel like reinstalling all your tweaks and patches. any questions ? just message me hope this helps !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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