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    Anyone here have the Seido extended life battery? A few questions:

    1. How much bigger does it actually make the phone? (Can you post a pic?)

    2. How much extra battery life do you get?

    3. Is it still getting weird restart issues? Seidio Innocell Battery for Palm Pre (Black): Cell Phones & Service
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    i have the seidio 1350 mah and it gives me an extra hour of battery life.
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    The 2600 mAh Extended Battery for the Pre adds about 4mm to your phone, but has 120% more capacity than the original. Here are some pictures of the battery installed on the phone.




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    I have had the 2600 since October and get around 13 - 15 hours of heavy use.
    Really heavy use!

    Could not live with out it.
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    i have the 2600 since 1.1.2 im getting about 10 hours of heavy heavy usage. average day stream music or radiotime from 6 to noon. 30 min top off while im eating lunch watching youtube or playing 3d games. then 1230 til 430 streaming (talk radio michael savage) i get home around 530 i have 35 percent. well worth the money. normal battery by noon its at 5 percent. i have twitter on email set to manual

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    i have the seidio 1350 mah and it gives me an extra hour of battery life.
    Me too, it is a good purchase. Pre lasts another hour or two depending on usage, and it doesn't increase the size of the phone.
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