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    I just thought I'd ask...because when I come to this forum, there are SO many threads with all sorts of various issues, and I have had zero. The ONLY complaint I have other than the missing things(live video recorder..etc..) is a slight twisting between the front and back of the phone. I haven't looked into fixing that though in quite a while, because the phone cover I had that I bought from Sprint tightened that up. Now I have a new cover which does not connect the front and back, so I have the slight twist again.

    But other than that, I LOVE MY PRE. I've never had any major issues...nothing that stopped working screen problems other than the first pre I received that had a couple of small cracks (which sprint replaced in a jiffy)...nothing at all.

    Anyone else get this lucky?
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    people will usually post when something is wrong not when everything is working right
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    I have problems.
    (And yes. I know this reply is opening up all kinds of doors for people to rush into )
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    I have ninety-nine problems but a Pre ain't one.

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    I have had my pre since week one and still perfect, nothing wrong with it. I guess I got a lucky unit
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    No issues except a little tiny bit of oreo since day one
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    I am on my second Pre. The Web Browser quit working on my first one. Other than that, I haven't had any problems with mine. I have some of the oreo twist, but no software problems or dead pixels or cracks or anything else. I guess I got lucky this time.
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    No major problems for me. I heart my Pre.
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    I love my Pre. No issues. I have 3 lines on my Sprint account. 3 Pre's. All are excellent. I will be adding a 4th line tomorrow or Saturday. It will be another Pre.

    They are excellent hard working phones.
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    I am a happy camper, though I've got a patch i can't install since it says it is already installed. Other than that, life with my pre is grand.
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    Same here. I got mine in August or something and have never had one issue. Sure, some apps haven't worked exactly right for a minute or two but I have never had a problem with my Pre that (and all of the great readers) couldn't fix. This is my first true smartphone (I don't count th Centro, although it was sweet) an I couldn't be happier. I'm really glad I didn't get an iphone. For realz.
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    Love it for the first month.
    A bit of oreo,but not a big deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    I have ninety-nine problems but a Pre ain't one.

    hahaha that gave me a good little laugh.
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    none here
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBRIMSTON3x View Post
    Anyone else NOT having problems?
    Well, the chili I had for lunch gave me a little gas... but other than that, I think I'm doing OK.
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    Day one user and no problems here. Great Phone, Great for games. All i have to say it Great. Oh one last thing did i say GREAT!!
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    No problems here either. I got my Pre on launch day and have been messing with Preware, WOSQI, homebrew apps, patches, My Tether, etc. From some of the posts I see, it seems like people are having to run WebOS Doctor all the time. I've never had to doctor mine.
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    Everything is good
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    Just two weeks-in with the phone, but all is well. No problems that I can see. I am using it HEAVY DUTY for calls and email and it has performed very very well. I work from home and this is my only phone. I canceled my landline.
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    None here either, 3 lauch day Pre's.
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