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    I'm good problems! *knock on wood*
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    I love this phone.. No problems at all..
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    no probs
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    Have 3 and the only thing thats happened is my rubber usb cover fell off. But all 3 work great.
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    Happy as a clam... got my pre in July and it has worked like a champ. No issues except the ones that are fixed with each update from Palm. Best phone ever!
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    Zero problems for both Pre users in my house. Original July 09 Pres.
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    There are a few things like Contacts or IM I wish worked differently, but no problems here. :knock on wood:
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    no problems here!
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    Like every other phone I've ever had, there are minor annoyances. Unlike most others phones I've ever had, I don't have any real problems with it. Great phone it is.
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    Mine has been great from day one....only people with problems post. :-)
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    No problems on my UK/O2 Pre. Didn't even notice any oreo, although I never try to twist it.
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    No problems.
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    Didn't think of this before, but it might be the best phone i've ever had. I have had NO problems.

    I've never installed preware or anything either. Just love it stock.
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    Got my Pre on launch day and had some early problems that are well-documented here. To make a long story short, I ended up with a refurbed Pre and then a brand new one. Aside from a slight Oreo effect (unnoticeable if you don't know it's there), I have had no problems with my current device. Very happy camper!
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    None here on my GSM Pre either!
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    None for me. Only glitch (I got my first Pre in July) I dropped it a pretty good distance and cracked the screen - big time. On my second and it is working fine. I love my Pre but still looking for some serious apps (Documents To Go and iSilo) and I will be one happy camper.
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    Launch-day Pre -- no problems.
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    My Pre was working wonderfully up until 2 weeks ago, when I decided to take the plunge and try "patches" ... well ever since then, the phone freezes up, doesn't respond to touches, misses SMS's ...

    I've tried WebOS Doctor and that refreshed my Pre, but did not remove all traces of patches (for example, I had the Add Launcher page patch, added 1 additional page, and after the Doctoring, I still have 4 launcher pages, not 3)

    Anyway, long story short, I now have to get another Pre and I can only blame all my problems on patching, never had ANY issue before then.
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    I have oreo and the occassional phone shutdown. No big deal. I love my phone. I'd recommend it to anyone.
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    Not a singl;e problem with my launch day pre
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