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    I came from Palm 800w Windows Mobile.
    That mediocre phone would be useless after a few weeks without "Memmaid" registry cleaner.
    Is there anything for Webos to regularly clean the system?
    If there isnt ,someone needs to market something.
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    There's no need to clean the registry on a Pre. Tossing a card away closes most things, unless you set it otherwise [alarms, etc]. Simple luna restart does the rest.
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    Linux is not Windows, Linux is not Windows, repeat 5000 times....

    There is no registry on Linux, the registry on Windows is for applications settings, etc. These settings are not managed by the OS with Linux, the applications manage them.

    Now it is always possible (and does happen) that there are apps that do not manage their memory well (known as a leak) and need to be shut down and restarted to free up memory, but it is a completely different game than Windows.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Ive been reading this forum for a month and never heard of Luna until now.
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    If all the world were Linux.....there would be no Windows. Ever ask yourself why a MAC "just works" (I know MAC is Unix...same as Linux).
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    I use a Mac at work. I ditched the Mac OS and loaded Windows XP on it. Why? Because it DOESN'T just work. Working as a tech in a Windows shop, the Mac OS is just too much of a pain in the **** to use. It doesn't integrate well at all. I have to jump through too many hoops to do what I need to do. Just not worth the time or effort.
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    Install Preware on your pre, then go grab the Jstop app for periodic memory checks and to kill running progs. Then also get LunaManager to occasionally do a quick restart (not full restart). This is probably what you're looking for.

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