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    That's right! A new way to get together, chat, talk about problems with our Pre's, flout the awesomeness of the phone, talk about apps, and much more!

    The channel is fairly basic at the moment, but I promise that will change!

    Just join and after you register your nick, use this command:

    /join ##PreIRC
    (you need both the ## symbols, as it's a requirement of Freenode)

    If you want to join on your Pre, just go to the Preware app, and find wIRC. It already has Freenode preset and ready to join! All you have to do is create a nickname and click connect!

    Then /join ##PreIRC - that's it!
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    Awesome, I've been wanting a Precentral IRC channel for ages. The more the merrier
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    Yea guys. If you need any help or have question about WebOS, then please come visit the channel. I'll try to be on there as much as I humanly can.

    Homebrew, Preware, Apps, general functionality, or anything about WebOS.

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    Fantastic! Thanks for setting it up.
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    Don't want to sound like a noob, but.... what is this? Seriously

    And what exactly do I need to do?
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    I'll be setting up auto join when I get home.

    mugsaway - freenode: using the network
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    Quote Originally Posted by mugsaway View Post
    Don't want to sound like a noob, but.... what is this? Seriously

    And what exactly do I need to do?
    IRC is a chat system. It allows real-time chatting with other Pre owners.
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    Shameless bump...Already have several people idling and chatting in the channel, and we would love a lot more!
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    So, not quite sure what IRC is? No problem. Here's the definitive guide so you can get started:

    What is it?
    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat - it's an instant messaging protocol like MSN Messenger or AIM - but instead of chatting to one person at a time, you chat in a public 'channel' where everyone can join in. So, in a way it's just like talking on the forums, except it all happens in real-time. Of course, if you want to one person privately you can do that too.

    Why would I use it?
    Well it's the best way to get help fast. Once you have an established channel full of people, all you have to do is ask a question and someone is likely to give you an answer immediately - it can be quicker and easier than creating a new forum thread and hoping someone will respond. Also, you can ask little questions that might not warrant a whole new forum thread. More over though, it's a great place to make friends and chat about stuff.

    Who else uses it?
    At the moment we have about 9 people in the channel - which isn't bad considering it's only been open for one day. But we need your help to expand. The more people that join in, the more useful the channel becomes for everyone.

    Ok, enough talk - how do I get started?
    Depends if you want to use IRC from your PC or from your Pre/Pixi (see below).

    Using IRC in Windows

    1) Install mIRC. You can get it for free at mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client.

    2) Load mIRC - this window will pop up. Select the Servers tab (as shown below) and scroll down until you find Freenode. Double click Freenode, and then Double Click on Random Server.

    3) Now you'll be taken to the Connect screen. Fill in your Full name, Email address (can be fake) and nickname and then hit Connect. Note: it might take up to 20 seconds to fully connect. Try to choose an uncommon username.

    4) Once you're connected, this window will pop up. Just type ##PreIRC in the box (as shown below) and hit Join.

    Congratulations, you're now on IRC You can see a list of the other users in the channel on the right hand side.

    Using IRC from your Palm Pre or Palm Pixi:

    The best way to use IRC on your WebOS device is to install wIRC. You can find it in Preware.

    1) Launch the app

    2) Select the + (plus) button at the bottom right.

    3) Scroll down the list and select Freenode.

    4) Once you choose Freenode, you'll be presented with a list of servers - I'd recommend choosing the top one ( but any one will do.

    5) The next screen is mostly filled out for you, just make sure you choose a nickname and then select Advanced (not Save!).

    6) In the Advanced options screen, ignore everything except the Perform on Connect area at the bottom - select New.

    7) Type the following, including all symbols: /join ##PreIRC and then use the back gesture to save your configuration.

    8) Finally, simply click the little plug icon to connect.
    RED means you're disconnected (click this to connect)
    GREEN means you're connected (click this to disconnect)

    Now you're done - to see who else is online in the channel, click the little man icon in the top right.

    And finally...
    One last thing - if people don't answer you straight away or the place seems quiet, don't take it personally. People may be at work or asleep, so be patient and keep coming back - the more people we have, the more active the channel will be. Hope to see lots of you in the channel, let us know if you need any more help getting online, we are happy to help
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    That was a great mini tutorial SqyArc. Lets get some more people in the channel.
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    Was on there a little last night and all day today. Lots of good Pre talk and related discussions. And as a bonus, someone even learned about Voltron. Pretty sweet...

    FYI, if anyone is not familiar with IRC, it's really not complicated. I just started reading about it last month. Most of the online tutorials and stuff are from the mid to late nineties and make it sound slightly techy. They are good to read so you kind of know what's going on, but it really is as easy as IMing on anything else, so don't be scared!
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    Another handy use of IRC is if you run into an issue on your Pre, but you're not at your computer...then what?

    Well, download wIRC (from Preware) and you can ask someone about your question right there on the spot! No waiting, no creating a thread and watching it drop down to the next page within 10-15 minutes.
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    I am in this channel from now on too

    For people who think "Why should i join?" I just can say one thing: "You won't get any help faster than in a chat room on irc

    Iam thinking of creating a little HowTo for people in the Mac or Linux with maybe xchat, xchat-aqua, colloquy or even irssi

    But got no time right now. Maybe tomorrow
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    The following is a tutorial created by SaMsA to help Mac OSX and Linux users to connect to IRC.

    So for the Mac and Linux User who want to use Xchat

    First you can download xchat-aqua for Mac here : X-Chat Aqua | Get X-Chat Aqua at

    For Linux you can use your Package Manager. Start the App or use the Terminal.
    Start your application and just search for xchat.

    For the Terminal Users here is a little help (remember that you must be root to install software on your PC.)

    In Debian/Ubuntu/Mint this will do the trick:
    apt-get install xchat

    If you use SuSE i think (but I am not sure) that this will help:
    zypper install xchat

    RedHat or fedora users just use yum:
    yum install xchat

    Gentoo Users don‘t need help if i am right else just use:
    emerge xchat

    Uff and now Mandriva Users... i am not quite sure but i think they use srpm? so this will be:
    urpmi xchat

    After this you can start Xchat and join a Server on Linux. It will look like this:

    Here you can type in the Nickname you want to use and the second and third one if the others are in use. Your Real Name or User Name are not important so type just something in.

    In the Networks Part you search for the server and click on Edit.

    Here you just need to type in the Channel you want to join after the connect and you can Auto-Connect to the Server if you activate "Auto connect to this network at startup".

    So, after you have done this just klick on "Connect" and you're online.
    The last thing you need is to join the Channel with this command:

    /join ##PreIRC

    And now? Welcome to our Channel.

    So now for the Mac Users.

    Start Xchat Aqua and do nearly the same thing as described for the Linux Users.

    This is the Server List where you can search for the Freenode Server and Fill out the Form above from it.

    After that just click on connect and you're on freenode.

    Now the command to join our Channel is the absolutely the same:

    /join ##preirc
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    Excellent tutorial. :-)
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    Thanks for posting it. I need to get my 10 postings to see and send the pictures in here but i am so lazy
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    ive followed the step by step tutorial 2 the letter and all i get wen i hit connect is a "spinning circle" where the connection point was initialy

    is this because im in uk or somthing

    on palm pre btw
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    Quote Originally Posted by djuvee View Post
    ive followed the step by step tutorial 2 the letter and all i get wen i hit connect is a "spinning circle" where the connection point was initialy

    is this because im in uk or somthing

    on palm pre btw
    Hi mate, nope shouldn't matter because I'm in the UK too.

    Assuming you're using wIRC - please can you click the name of the network (not the red plug icon, but the body to the left of it) then it will bring up a status window - this will give you any errors that might be occurring. Could you copy & paste what it says? (Or if copy/paste doesn't work, just give me the gist of it). Thanks.
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