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    I was just thinking if they can make the touch screen a solar panel also for it can charge the battery. They have emerging technology thats making Solar Panels see through for windows. I will love to see Palm be the first to use it on a Mobile Phone.

    Heres a link. Superthin See-through Silicon Solar Cells
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    I've gotta say I wouldn't be a big fan of this. I don't see much practicality from something like this. My phone is in my pocket 99 percent of the time, and the rest of the time it's sitting on my desk on the charger inside. I think it's a neat idea but it would end up being a useless gimmick that would drive the cost of the phone up. I would rather them improve on battery tech and better battery management.
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    Yea, the phone get's hot enough without letting it sit in the sun. Although I do feel small powerfull solar chargers are a better way to go and can be used with multiple devices.
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    the concept is awesome but it's would be more of a luxury feature than a neccesity.

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    that would be so badass!
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    I could see tossing it on the dash for the ride home from work. My desk gets enough sunlight through the day as well that it would probably help this little power hog. Though I agree with a previous post that they need to improve the battery technology as well as the power usage technology.
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    Yeah, I was thinking about this as well - and I think i saw an apple patent application for something similar.

    I too have heard of windows being able to collect/capture solar energy.

    For mobile technology, this would be pretty cool. I'm thinking about it like a solar skin that's able to capture light going into and coming out of the device. Almost like regenerative break in car hybrids, but full-time.

    Also, I'd say that tablet devices would benefit from this the most as there is a lot of screen real-estate to capture the surrounding light.

    Now, if they could only find a way to mass produce this at low cost....
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    Because everybody leaves their smartphones out in the sun.
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    The main problem would be one of overheating, of course--and as smartphones under heavy use are already prone to that, this would be an unwanted exacerbation.

    the other thing is that if power were processed through a haptic display, it could lead to both a warped disay or a loss of sensitivity vis-a-vis the touchscreen. And whether it's what you see on the screen or what you can touch, you do NOT want dead spots ...
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    modern solar doesn't need direct sunlight to function. Most of the modern solar panels can and do work off any available light source, including interior incandescent and or CFL light sources. Think solar calculator if you will
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    You dont have to leave it in direct sunlight. So overheating wont be a problem. It can charge from inside light n indirect sunlight.
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    That would be an awesome idea, even if it only got enough light to trickle-charge it, it'd add a little something to the battery life, but I don't know if it would be cost-effective.

    What I've wanted to see for some time now is thermal reclamation. A small independent company (whose name thoroughly escapes me) has been working on technology to reclaim the heat generated by laptop processors and such into electrical energy to feed back into the battery to extend the charge. I'd *love* to see this implemented into Palm devices, they might even be able to utilize faster processors as well as extend the charge.
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    Ya but how long will you have to leave it in this so-called "soft light" before you get a full charge?
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    I just found this article tonight about this very thing!

    Photovoltaic circuit makes solar-powered touchscreens possible, not yet plausible -- Engadget

    Sounds pretty neat if a bit impractical. It could end up useful though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    Ya but how long will you have to leave it in this so-called "soft light" before you get a full charge?
    I don't believe the OP's intent was to have this as the only or main means of charging the battery. More of a battery maintainer/booster than a full blown charger.
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    yea I dnt think it would b a main source for charging cuz what about night time? But it would b cool to have to atleast maintain a charge while outside so if I leave with 98% and listen to music for a hour while I take a walk,then return with 98 charge..that would b bad ***!!
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    Since the display is backlit, it would charge as you use it, making it run forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rksand View Post
    Since the display is backlit, it would charge as you use it, making it run forever.
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    There actually is already some very real talk of doing this, however not on the screen of a phone, but on the battery cover and/or back of a phones flip cover.

    Samsung and LG have plans in the works for this technology. But check this one that is actually on the market from Sharp. The "Solar Phone SH002" sold in Japan only:

    Solar Powered Cell Phones Can't Stand the Heat | Sustainability | Fast Company

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