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    I've been coming to this store for a while and just realize these mugs never have the Pre or Pixi displayed. I asked one of the employees, why is this. He said cause they always get stolen.
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    My sprint store has 2 on display.
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    Both the store near my work and the one near my house have had them on display consistantly.
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    Both of the sprint stores here have two pre's and one pixi on display
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    The store we go to had em on display at launch and now have em in the service area and you just have to ask a rep to get it for you.

    I like this better, when I went around launch it was harder to get a feel for the Pre with the security cable attached and the phone was quite a bit more abused. Being able to actually hold the phone in our hands and use it as we normally would is what sold me on the phone. Having that cable pull against you and not being able to hold and move the phone in a normal manor almost killed it for me the first time I went and looked at it.
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    i've never seen on in display in Tampa,FL I went to like 3 sprint stores and a best buy no one has em on the floor you always have to ask.

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    I was in a Sprint store about a month ago. They had a Pre up that had a big crack in the screen (from top to bottom). When I asked why they had that out the associate told me that an hour before some guy "testing it" used his pen as a stylus and pressed to hard on the screen. They just hadn't had time yet to take it off the floor.

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    our sprint store has a pre and a pixi on display
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    Our store has the Pre on display as well. But the reason of some of us dont is because some people can steal ANYTHING - even if its bolted down. that, and there is a lot of maintnence on the phone to have to keep up with on a daily bases, weither that be in the form of keeping it out of little kids hands or wiping off p o r n off the web. its just a headache that some stores try to avoid. personally it makes no sense but to each his own i guess
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    stop shopping in the ghetto.
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    Actually I was in Antioch, TN. The ghetto isn't the only place peaople steal, ****. And honestly, the biggest croocks in the world have never been to the ghetto. They just created them. Anyway, back to the topic. That Sprint store doesn't even have signs. Could this impact the low notariaty of the Pre.
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    That explains it.
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    I say the Pre getting stolen at your store is a good sign of high demand. On a serious note, it's been on display at the handful of stores I've been in the last few months, though, since I have one, I don't even look at the display model. I've also seen it and the pixi displayed at my local Radio Shack.
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    they got there own wall over here
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    theres one in my sprint store.

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