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    Does Any one else has had trouble with their Sprint Tv for the past week or more
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    Does Any one else has had Has anyone else had trouble with their Sprint Tv for the past week or more?
    Perhaps a more detailed explanation of the issues you are experiencing would be in order. What is the problem?? Does it affect all channels? Does the app open up at all for you? Please supply information.
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    I'm not sure what your problem is with Sprint TV app. I watch it everyday for lunch & haven't notice anything wrong. I wish it didn't suck up so much battery life & wish i could pause the show, but other than that it always works.
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    What the heck do you watch on there?

    I have tried SprintTV few times and most of the content is like small YouTube type clips almost like commercials. I was expecting full shows like on Hulu. Some things I click on there say that they can be watched for a price.

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