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    Ok, So i've had my pre for about 6 months. Everything works fine, no problems...until now.

    I do have a slight "oreo" effect going on but that's ok...doesn't bother me. but now, i have this slider down too far effect. not sure what to call it, but its when i slide (close) the phone, it over hangs on the bottom. so basically the screen portion of the phone when closed, slides too far down and isn't flush with the bottom or top of the phone. granted, it's only about a business cards thickness over hang, but it's starting to bug me...

    anyone else have this problem? any solutions to this, other than getting a new one? thanks!
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    Had my Pre since launch...with "oreo". I use it at the gym, while I mow the lawn, work in the garage, in my pocket most of the day and when I play with my kids. It's fine. When it's in the slide-open position, there is no "oreo"...only when closed. The 'oreo' WILL NOT AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR DEVICE. Quit worrying.
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    I too am having those exact same problems with my Pre. The bottom of the phone now has a "Lip" to it that annoys the HECK out of me. 2mm Oreo as well. Dude, to be honest with you, I have looked at all the fixes out there ie: Hot glue gun dots/Raising the sliders under the battery with super glue/ tape / and the Four finger "push" method. All of these attempts were in vain and I am a pretty meticulous repair guy. Sprint doesn't cover this under their "Wear and Tear" clause if you have the TEP. I just tried. So now I am starting to hope my phone just completely dies so i can get a new one. Pretty sad that this is the only phone I have loved so much AND wanted it to break at the same time. Also have never ONCE had any hardware problems with any other Palm/HTC phone in the past.

    I know this post really might not help, but just my $.02

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    Ever so slightly...after one whole week of use. I suppose it will be extra sloppy in no time.
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    Put a case on it. That should mask it enough to allow you to sleep at night.
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    I have the same issue, but it does not bother me much. I also have the Oreo effect, but it has not fall apart yet.
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    it's not really the oreo thats the issue, it's the "lip" on the bottom and top of the phone...but i guess they're related.

    i guess i should get some sleep now knowing i'm not the only one and there's no solution to it... been up for weeks!!!!

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