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    ok maybe it's just the day but there seems to be alot of anger and hatred to the pre. Some are good complaints others are just downright hate. Sure I would like better battery life and a better facebook app but still this phone is the best phone out there imo. May not be the fastest but in terms of design and operations it's perfect for me. The multi tasking is awesome and the physical keyboard is what makes it better than an iphone and a droid to me. Show some love if you are sick of the negitivity around the forums. Please positive post only!
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    My order was confirmed today... Palm Pre is on its way... I figure that's a good way to show my love for palm, I bought one didn't I! :P

    (This is coming from a person that hated palm with a passion till they announced the pre. What the eff were they thinking with the centro... Nother story for another day)

    Thank goodness for free overnight shipping!
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    that's some good lovin right there
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    I love this freaking phone. I'm only on day four but I'm totally smitten by it. I can't put it down for too long. It's just awesome.
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    Loving the Pre...Let me see. Just yesterday I stayed home from work because I was sick.There wasn't a thing worth watching on TV so I grabbed my pre. First a little Pandora while I surfed the web. Texted my wife a few times to see how her day was going. Emailed a couple of friends. Went to Preware and the App catalog to see what kind of shopping (for my phone) I could do. Opened up VBA and played a few games. Harvest Moon-killed several hours on that one alone!! Brothers in Arms for a few more. Called a couple of people to talk. Helped my 9 year old with his homework (using the calculator on the Pre of course). Then cooked dinner, ate, bathed and readied the kiddos for bed, then off to bed myself. I spent the whole day looking into my Pre's little screen and enjoyed every minute of it!!
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    This is nothing compared to before CES. These forums where downright nasty on a daily basis but since CES people to be more happy with their phones.

    I love my phone.
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    my prprpr&#$275$; $and$ $I$ $make$ $babies$ $together$, $we$ $are$ $expecting$ $our$ $third$ $at$ $the$ $moment$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by onyoursix View Post
    my prprpr&#$275$; $and$ $I$ $make$ $babies$ $together$, $we$ $are$ $expecting$ $our$ $third$ $at$ $the$ $moment$.
    Considering the Verizon ads .... our pre has been a mother all along.
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    This is my first "real" phone, and so I can't help but to have a Pre crush.
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    One of the saddest threads I've seen in a while.
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    Love the phone even through it's issues.
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    could not be more pleased! especially with preware, patches, themes, and being clocked at 600. i actually feel a little bad for people who have gotten the opinion that Pres are not good and therefore passed up on getting one. but then, again, i kind of like the exclusivity of being one of the people in the know, ya know?
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    Fantastic bit of kit, keep up the good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardallen42 View Post
    Fantastic bit of kit, keep up the good work.
    Umm, what's a "bit of kit"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Umm, what's a "bit of kit"?
    Thats (UK) english for a nice piece of equipment I believe.
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    Correct. Come on, you speak English, it is MY language!
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardallen42 View Post
    Correct. Come on, you speak English, it is MY language!
    I watch a lot of Britcoms, Top Gear, and Dr. Who on BBC America.
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    Where are you based in the US? I travel there a lot on business and pleasure. The US is acountry I really like, great scenery & great people.
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    I'm on my pre whenever I'm not at work. I love this thing. I started a gmail and google calendar account just so I could have extra things to sync to the phone! Anyway, webOS rocks. Keep it coming palm!
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