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    Just got my new replacement pre from Sprint store. Looks great, much better hardware build then my original first batcher.

    I log into my Palm Profile and only about 2 out of the 5 paid apps are installed at that time.

    Not a huge deal, so I went to the app catalog a little while later and I attempted to install Lets Golf. It downloads 100% but soon as it reaches completion I get the yellow triangle with an error that states: "Restart Required: System adjustments must be made before installation can continue" Then I hit Restart button below that. It reboots, and I try again.. still same issue. It happens with any app I install.

    Note, I did install Preware before installing the Lets Golf. I also notice there is an update for my Pre to take me to and it was 1mb. I hit update.. it looks like it downloaded the update but never successfully installed it. Now when I goto the update page it has the update still available but its now 0megs and will not let me install it.

    Help if you can, Im thinking this is probably a webOS doctor situation but if anyone knows a trick, Im all ears(or eyes for this matter heh)

    Thanks guys
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    You need to wipe/doctor your Pre and then create a dummy account, sign into the dummy account and do the upgrade to the latest version of WebOs. Restart and then sign into your original account and let it sync, assuming that your "cloud" has not become corrupted due to your earlier problems things should restore ok, worked for me anway on my 3rd replacement :-)

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