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    I'm writing this for 2 reasons: First, there was a poster here this week looking for a way to do a screen calibration for what ever reason and everyone had replied it wasn't possible.. I left it at that.

    Secondly, well it's simply good to know. You would think this feature would be under "Screen & Lock" however, it is actually found in the "Device info" pane.

    Give it a go and hopefully who ever was looking for it a few days ago find's this thread.. Just remember to go into the device info pane and select more info. At the top select the preferences tab and chose interactive tests...

    If this was helpful.... a thank you would be appreciated.
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    Godo spot, thanks.
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    I have a feeling this is more of a diagnostic test to check that all the sensors work - I don't think it actually recalibrates the screen though
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    It seems to have done the trick for me on my Pixi. Prior to going through this process I had to direct my touch to the top left of the icon, now I can hit it dead centre.

    This is my first Palm device since the Palm Pilot, that had the calibration easily accessible.
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