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    what are the odds we get the most kick *** mobile game ever? I would pay 20 bucks for it
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    That would definitely be huge if Rockstar jumped on the WebOS Developer wagon. But for now, I strongly recommend checking out Gangstar, or at least some videos of it. Runs like a decent knockoff of the 3D GTA games, and for running on a phone, it's amazing IMO.
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    Yeah check out gangstar in the app catalog it's on 6.99
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    Palm is setting up shop at the big gaming conference, so to me it seems the chances are pretty good that we will see a lot of new developers porting their Iphone offerings, hopefully that'll include Rockstar.
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    big gaminng conference??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitz39 View Post
    big gaminng conference??
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    It would be awsome if gta were for webos id buy it =)
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    Gangstar is a clone but its not nearly the game GTA is. GTA is worth about 30 bucks to be honest, its a full game
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    considering we went from bump fart noises and 2d to 3d in short time even a clone is welcome in my book give it six months and we be amazed.

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