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    Didn't know wether to post this here or in the development or bluetooth section. I really need rSAP (remote Sim Access Protocol) on my Pre. rSAP is used by a lot of european car manufacturers. It's a communication protocol which works with a lot of built-in carkits to receive and dial calls from your car.
    Does anybody have some insight on how to get this done on the Pre?
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    I agree, rSAP would be great. Had it with previous Nokias. When Palm went from 1.3.1 to new Bluetooth capabilities were added in. I'm sure Palm could do this as well.

    Major benefit, next to full integration with the cars addressbook, is to power down the internal 3G radio and use the car's external antenna and GSM module, i.e. keeping the radio signal outside the car.

    Come on Palm, you CAN do this.

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    Should I post this in the bluetooth section too? MayB one of our developers can find a workaround untill officially supported?

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