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    Currently glu mobile has Glyder2 in out app store. I was seriously hoping more of the early access partners beside gameloft would get more titles out. After seeing a preview of an iphone version of "Transformers G1: The Awakening" I emailed glu for ****s and giggles to officially lodge my request for this game on the pre. Not but a day later they wrote me back:

    "While we don't have a definitive timeline of games for you, rest assured that we've got quite a few headed for the Palm Pre!"

    btw I've played the winmo version of transformers g1 and it was a very fun classic strat rpg. The iphone port is in 3d and looks even better! Google the title then let glu know how many of you webos users are ready to spend some cash!
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    That looks promising. I would be very happy for even more games to come to our selection.
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    good to hear!

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    That would be awesome. Hopefully they port over Glyder 1, since i played the heck out of glyder 2 already.

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