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    I just noticed today that the numbers for Lifedatarx and Lifedatatx never change on my phone. Interesting.

    Does anyone know why this may be? I am not particularly concerned, only curious.
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    One little bump before I conclude that no one has seen this before
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    what do you mean never change? Other fields never change too..
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    Are you trying to find out your data usage or something? I don't think this would be accurate even if it did work
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    What's the difference between the two? Is one upload and the other download?

    Also, what's Lifecalls? Is that how many calls I made, or how many minutes I was on the phone? Either way, my number of 192721 seems awfully high. If they are minutes, that translates into 3213 hours or 133 days!
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    i believe you missed seconds...
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    Well if they are supposed to be measurements of how much data I have transferred then I would expect them to change. I understand that the Actdate for instance or Warranty date isn't going to change. The number of calls, etc. all seem to increase, but never data.

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