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    Well, see, to me it is all a matter of attention. If you pay attention to what you are doing the "potential problems and incompatibility" lowers to close to zero risk (NOT zero, but close to it)..
    I agree with you. If you take the time to understand which files are being modified and make sure not to patch the same file multiple times you lower your risk. In addition if you only use patches from reputable developers and read what others have reported about that patch making sure nobody had any problems then your lower risk again.

    It just takes a little common sense. The problem is that many people just load up patches willy nilly because they "sound good" and don't think there will be any impunity for doing so.
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    ironic user name is ironic.
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    They should make you pass in IQ test at the sprint store before they let you buy one.
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    The moral of the story is that you don't just go hog wild and start mucking with stuff you have no clue about. Likewise back when the VKB came out so many people were posting this command/that command to run to do stuff that people who didn't have a clue were unintentionally messing up their Pre. People typing Linux commands who have no idea what in the world Linux is...

    Get your patches from a reputable source, use the tools properly, and know what you are doing and you will be fine.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, this quote is O-so-true. I just had to doctor mines after trying the 600 mhz command line hack and it had my phone wacky. Did a doctor, patched my baby (Pre) up, and no command line hacks. Shoot, she's back working like motivated hooker.
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