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    I no longer can see apps in the catalog. I'll get the opening screen with the row of apps and the explore, recent, and popular options. If I tap on any option that would take me to a screen where I could see apps, it just shows me a blank blue screen. The top search section is a dark grey. The only apps I can access are the ones on the front page. Any ideas why this might be happening?
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    Have you rebooted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlopin View Post
    Have you rebooted?
    Yes I have. I'm starting to think it has something to do with the hide app vendor patch. I don't have the patch at the moment but I have in the past. I just noticed that the hide app vendors option is still available in the pull down menu of the catalog.
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    yea you should reboot or doctor
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    Same thing happened to me today. I restored files that that were modified by the Hide Vendor App patch with the instructions found in post #63 this thread:
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    I had the same problem, but the patch wasn't installed according to preware. The instructions in odontastic's post didn't end up working for me (but definitely try that first!).

    I ended up fixing this by reverting 3 of the files related to the app. By tailing /var/log/messages when I tried opening the app, I noticed it was complaining about 2 different things:
    Error: warning, script load failed for file:///usr/palm/applications/, $either$ $remove$ $the$ $script$ $or$ $fix$ $the$ $src$ $path$.
    $Error$: $HideList$ $is$ $not$ $defined$
    The first was fixed by replacing /usr/palm/applications/ with the sources.json.webosinternals.orig in the same directory
    The second was fixed by replacing $with$ $the$ $search$-$assistant$.$js$.$webosinternals$.$orig$ $in$ $that$ $directory$.

    After that it looks like I'm up and running again.
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    Same problem here - will try the above info

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