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    I've had my Pre Plus for a week or so now, and I love the Web OS. But there seems to be one huge problem... I'll lock the screen, but when I try to wake it up after ten minutes or so, the phone will be off. Any solutions? Or should I just get a replacement? It's really too bad, because the WebOS is really fantastic, but I'm thinking about switching to a different phone because this is just annoying...


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    Okay, so it seems like other people have had this issue too... Has anything helped? Any solutions? I'm having the same exact symptoms. It'll completely shut down, and I'll often be stuck at the palm logo when I'm trying to restart it.. Please help? Anyone? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I've had this happen too. But I always assumed it was from closing the slider too hard, and jolting the battery. Though a couple times I don't remember sliding it at all, and it still shut down.
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    This happened to me as well - very upsetting as I LOVE the pre plus & had just had it a few days. Palm support walked me thru three re-setting techniques - the last, removing the battery & reinserting it, finally worked. Now I feel like I will live in fear of it happening again - bringing back memories of my beloved Treo 700P which would often need soft resets.

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