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    I fail to see any benefit other than a clean desktop?

    if anything it would accomplish an extra step to "stack them" then "unstack them"
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    I would rather have some sort of expose mode similar to mac osx.
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    I really want mind control. So we don't need a keyboard, touch screen, gesture area or volume controls.
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    Cool, idea, I like it..
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    Personally I like my desktop clean. Our screen is quite small to clogg it up with stuff..
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    good idea but not by shaking as shaking is always hit and miss...

    maybe instead of holding a card to make the card view smaller it will do that.
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    I think this is a good idea, that way you can keep some cards open and have others stacked.
    Quote Originally Posted by notaphonegeek View Post
    I too like the idea. I'm not concerned with shaking the phone, but maybe a better idea would be that when you minimize the cards, drag them to the top left corner and have them stack themselves. When you need them back, just tap them and have them come back into the mini card view.
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    don't forget to suggest this idea to palm
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    While it would be yet another "cool" function of the phone, I really don't see the point. It's just adding a step to clear the "desktop" and another step to resume what you were doing.

    If there's nothing on the "desktop," then you're more than likely not using your phone. So why bother? Unless there are those who enjoy simply staring at their phone when it's not in use?
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    I read through page 3 but now I gotta leave so I figured Id post this.

    I agree- no shaking, but also, no pinching. I would like to do it one handed, and while I can physically get the thumb and index to the screen and pinch one handed, I find just swiping with the thumb and having the index behind the phone to support it much better. and my idea would be that when you swipe down, it eliminates the card from view and an icon appears on the notification bar down below. and maybe pressing the center button or the icon brings it back. but maybe swiping down eliminates all cards and the button brings them all back up, or long press on a card eliminates just that card, and you can do that to however many of them you want to, and pressing the icon brings up a list of some sorts to choose which one you want back. like a card sized thing in the lower left with a small screenshot of the card next to the title of the card that you can scroll through if you have minimized more than can fit in that little card. or maybe the center button brings up a card that has the list of minimized cards inside of it, and when you choose one, the card with the minimized cards in it drops back out of view and your selected card opens back up. and there can be a "maximize all" option if wanted.
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    GREAT IDEA! it looks awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by demetry14 View Post
    I really want mind control. So we don't need a keyboard, touch screen, gesture area or volume controls.

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