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    I too like the idea. I'm not concerned with shaking the phone, but maybe a better idea would be that when you minimize the cards, drag them to the top left corner and have them stack themselves. When you need them back, just tap them and have them come back into the mini card view.
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    Stacks, home screen, widgets, adding a 'stack' to the launcher.
    Would be great. Very Nice Idea.
    One can have Multiple Stacks based on the Type of App.. or from which App Page the App was opened.

    Shake is an additional thing that would be nice. With an option to turn it ON/OFF like Advanced Gestures.

    Think of an AD that would showcase the Shake feature with Stacks.

    It would not only add a shake feature to functionality but also make the phone look great in ADs .. something that PALM needs very Badly.
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    This is a nice idea, minus the shaking.
    Maybe a forward gesture swipe while in card view, or dragging the card down instead of up.

    Also, what @blueray said- pinching the stack similar to the photo app on the iPad would be pretty nifty
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    I love this idea. I don't want webOS to get out of whack and turn into a "widgety" type of phone like the android.

    But this actually frees up the home screen so we can see more useful info if needed, without the cards blocking.

    I personally like seeing the weekly weather on my screen at all times.
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    thats a good idea. what if the shake was actually a toggle. like if you shake it goes to the stack and maybe some widgets, but if you shake again, itll go right back to the card view.
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    doesnt anybody like to see the content in the progs that are running. this is The thing i like about cards. grouping them = iphone in look
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    How about this for an idea?

    I just started this thread earlier tonight, and it seems like we would like to achieve the same thing.
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    I definitely like this idea. There are a lot of people out there that don't take adavantage of the multi-tasking to it's fullest because they don't want all the clutter of the cards all the time. I am one of this people, because I like to have a pic of my wife in the background and so I just throw cards away all the time just to see it. My brother just got the pre and he never has cards open, because he just wants the home screen clean and doesn't understand the advantage he has with the pre. He is use to the windows mobile cell world where you are constantly opening up task manager to free up space cause itscoming to a grind and can't do anything. Something along this line would be completely awesome and would love to see it come to fruition.
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    disagree with stacking. All I would want when minimized to have them tile so we can see six at a time, instead of all that scrolling.
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    this forum needs more threads like this
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg View Post
    Like it but I would rather see it done through swiping. Like swiping a card down from the active cards would stack it while swiping up would still close it or visa/versa
    That is EXACTLY the idea I wanted to post!

    yeah, +1...

    PS: for me, shaking disturbs the smoothness of handling, also, it looks so awfully silly on the bus... but make that an option, can't hurt
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    This is beautiful. I love it.
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    I like all these ideas, but I think I like the down-swipe and pinching best. With all your multitasking cards open, if you use the down-swipe (or pinch the screen), it should stack all your open cards to a spot on the dock with a small number over a corner, indicating how many open cards there are. To open them, just tap or pinch/spread again.

    When I first read this thread I didn't get what the OP was trying to point out, but I think the best example to use is what someone else gave - the fact that you want a clean desktop, but you also want items to run in the background so you can open them up quickly. Great idea!

    I too think that this forum should have more of this discussion going on, but unfortunately, that's how other companies steal ideas as well. If palm were to implement these changes quickly, that would be one thing, but we all know they're working on other "bigger" things. (I hope!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TIWizard View Post
    If they do that, then they might allow widget creation for an Android type home screen.
    Maybe you should just get an Android phone.

    Come on, this is WebOS. Let's keep the core operating system as it stands right now and let Palm get things right. Better integration of EAS, Voice Activated Dialing and other features. As well as stability, etc.

    I wish people would quit requesting to change to widgets - that is Android. WebOS is different.
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    It kind of defies the point of the cards giving an overview of what's running so that we can get to it quickly - for whatever reason, swiping it off or activating it.

    How about a more visual approach when there are a loads of cards active;

    The OS minimizes the cards to its minimum every time, but we have three separate rows that stay scrollable and organizable as we are used to with the one we have now.

    What ends up in which of these three rows depends on type of card it is; for instance one for PIM related applications, one for web-pages / e-mail and similar, and the last for whatever else.

    This kind of grouping could of course also be applied automatically to the mentioned stacks of cards.

    {I never liked playing with cards — until webOS made it useful}
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    Fore sure, there is something to in this area.
    Looking forward to webOS 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    disagree with stacking. All I would want when minimized to have them tile so we can see six at a time, instead of all that scrolling.
    This is what I was thinking, too. Just tile the cards so you can see them all at once. I love leaving cards open. It makes the device so fast and convenient. If you are closing and opening cards, you are missing the point of WebOS!
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    i had a similar idea that if we had a bigger screen we could be running two cards on one screen at the same time
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    That, combined with two finger multitouch - one on each card, would be an amazing display of WebOS's multitasking. 8o)
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    Great idea.
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