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    SHORTCUT APP: Type .dry and "Pickup / Drop off Dry Cleaning" is written for you.

    ZAGAT - in the restaurant business and used this all the time.

    KEY CAPS: Hold down the h key for a split sec longer and the $ is automatically entered.

    DATEBK6: so many features ....

    PROFILE CARE: program to turn the ringers to mute at midnight - but still log calls and allow alarms - and then back to ring at 8am

    AMEND the Voicemail number (or any other speed dialed #) to add a pause or password

    If anyone knows of fixes for these issues (other than classic) please let me know.

    Other than these issues so far - I love my Pre ! !

    Thanks for reading/responding.
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    miss the overall snappiness of the OS, specially the PIMs.

    missed the keypad for a while, but am now so used with the Pre the it is now actually uncomfortable typing on my Treo.

    miss the hard buttons.

    miss agendus/today screen.

    but love my Pre.
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    There are things I miss about my Treo but I'm glad I made the switch.

    I miss the quick text in texting. I do not like the slowness of the Pre, something that wasn't there in the Treo. As far as datebk goes, I've never used it, but why doesn't datebk write a WebOS version?

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    Totally agree with key caps and datebk. Have had the pre for 6 months and can't get over no floating events. There is an app for the typing short cuts though. Its called "auto correct edit" and it works great. Do a search the app will be here somwhere. The developer is fanatical about following up with his customers about any issues or questions. Also search Rick Hong.
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    I miss my Pocket Tunes Deluxe = Rhapsody ToGo
    all u can eat music
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    auto correct edit cost 5 dollars but is well worth the price believe me!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    1) Best damn form factor on the planet and so comfy to type.
    2) Snappermail RULES. Still today nothing comes close.
    3) Datebk or Agendus - pick your awesome cal/contacts organizer
    4) Damn loud ring and vibrate, better than any smartphone I had
    5) Natara Bonsai Outliner - still nothing on the market like it
    6) Palm OS may have been single task, but it was DAMN snappy!
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    To Do Plus.
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    Database app like Handbase, undated task list synced to desktop arre the two biggies.
    Hoping DDH wil port Handbase soon!
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    definitely Datebk! I've (we've) been waiting patiently for a decent calendar app.

    I miss the snappiness too but would gladly give it up again for the multi-tasking.

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