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    I just thought this was interesting since I have never attempted to install the mobile hotspot app on my Pre. I was making a copy of my palmdatabase.db3 file today and found a log file named mobilehotspot.log. Of course, I *had* to find out what was in it. There are just a bunch of lines like this, with different process ids:

    (process:1185): LunaService-CRITICAL **: !!! Service com.palm.mobilehotspot was disconnected from the bus!!!

    *That's not my sad face, it's in the log file.
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    Location of said file?
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    Oops. I need to find it again, it's not where I thought it was.

    Edit - it is in /var/log. I was copying all of the files in there so I could look for error messages.
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    strange, on mine too even tho I never installed the mobilehotpot app.

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