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    We all know that there are some problems with the pres and pixis, and we get plenty of posts saying as much. Can't we have a post for all the good stuff so that when new people get on here they don't only see the problems?

    I love my Pre. I've had it since Dec 1st and its been going strong every day i've had it. I came from a Centro so I was already used to a smaller keyboard. But I love that the Pre's keyboard actually has slightly larger keys that are also spaced farther apart. To me the keyboard was a lot bigger than what i was used to!! To me the notification system is what really sold me on the Pre. It's so unobtrusive and easy to go right to the new message or dismiss it at my will.

    Well that's all I have for now. Please post what you like or love about the Pre, not everything is all bad!!
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    I love the way webos organizes my text messages into separate conversations. I also like the universal search function. When I play music I like how I can drag songs into any order that I want them to play in.

    And (talking about the Pixi here) I love the tiny size of the phone and the small but still completely useful keyboard.

    Oh, and I bought a touchstone yesterday and think its the very cool.
    BTW, am I the only one who thinks Palm made the little USB cover impossible to open so that we would have to buy a touchstone?

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