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    I'm desperately trying to figure out why my Pre has such a hard time getting a lock on my location. It seems that the GPS will only work with data from the GPS chip - no cell tower triangulation, no network IP guessing. Is that correct? Does it have something to do with the fact that Palm is not selling Belgium and don't have a deal with local networks to use that sort of data?

    I'm in Belgium using Mobistar with a German Pre (World Ready 1.2).
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    I have the same issue in Sweden. It has a very hard time pin-pointing my location. I compare it to the other Phone I have, which is an Iphone and Palm Pre is terribly slow in getting my location and when it does, wow, where I am put, several hundred metres away from my actual location.

    I have no idea why its GPS is so terrible, actually on a useless level.
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    Just had a RTFM moment this morning and realized that under the Location Services the Google Services were not turned on. To turn them on you have to click on the options (top left) and selecz it - not very straight forward, Palm.

    Related - after 1.4 Google Maps and Foursquare are not properly requesting to use Location if that service is turned off.
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    my Google Services were switched on from the start and i still had trouble with the GPS in GMaps and 4Square. going outside to try again ...
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    same issue here (O2 DE).

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