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    Hi all

    I've been having a problem for the last week or so and wanted to see if anyone knew a solution or was having the same problem.

    When I do certain things, normally browsing the internet, if I click a link my Pre tells me that I have too many cards open so can't open the link. The only problem with this is the internet page is the only card open! How can I close other cards if there are none open?!?!

    Could it possibly be an app I have installed that is causing the problem?

    Please help!!
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    I have also been experiencing this! No cards open except the one telling me to close other cards!

    Curious to find out the reason/fix...
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    Very annoying! This only happens to me only when I'm browsing.
    I think this is down to memory leaks somewhere in WebOS background.
    Not a great solution but a restart does the trick. Which basically acts as a 'garbage collector'. I wish there was 'garbage collection' built in.
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    There is garbage collection built in.

    This can easily be dependent on what page you are viewing and other things you may have opened, or patches you have installed.
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    Yep, I got major problems if I ever dare to browse to Gmail. Could it be RAM? Does it happen to the Pre Plus?
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    I have no patches installed.

    It did it to me earlier when I googled something it came up with a youtube link but when I pressed it it said too many cards! The search was the only thing open! I couldn't even use the youtube app!
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    Reboot the phone.
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    Go into your browswer preferences, scroll to the bottom, and clear the history, cache, and cookies. It's what I do when I get the "too many cards" error on my pixi.

    A battery pull from time to time doesn't hurt either.

    Good luck!
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    do a luna restart. downloa Luna manager via PreWare..

    a luna restart is basically like logging off your comp. and logging back in... it closes any "open" programs does a quick shut down and restarts back in... much less painlful than waiting for a reboot

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