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    I have a few issues with the Palm Pre Alarm. I set the alarm fine, but it seems that if I press the snooze button once or twice, it doesn't go off again. It has happened on like 4-5 occasions and on two of those I missed classes. It is really weird, cause sometimes I can press the snooze button like 10 times and the alarm will still go off, and sometimes if I press it even once, it won't wake me up.

    It is to the point where I just bought an alarm clock to have with my Pre.

    Anyone have that issues as well?
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    Don't snooze. It's not good for your body anyway. If you want to get up 20 minutes later set the alarm 20 minutes later. Ok that is my Marcus Welby, MD talk.

    Now I don't use my alarm that often so I never noticed if that happens. I know that my real alarm clock if you snooze more than 5 times then the alarm turns off and won't go off anymore.
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    Are you absolutely sure you aren't pressing the Dismiss button? I've done it before cause they are so close. Try setting it for a time you are awake already, and see what happens.

    Maybe you can have a techie look at it at the store.
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