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    I, like many users, have had battery life issues. Sometimes the phone actually gets hot and the battery drains faster than the wall charger can replenish it.

    So I always end apps when I am through, instead of leaving them running.

    Nevertheless, there are times when my phone gets hot and the battery drains when it looks like there are no apps running. But I suspect there may be leftover threads and processes running somewhere in the background that I cannot see, and they are draining the battery.

    The workaround is to restart the Pre often. (Hold Power button for 5 secs., touch <Power> then <Restart>.)

    But is there an app that will tell me all the processes/threads/apps running on my Pre, foreground or background, visible or not? Sorta like the Task Manager on Windows PCs? If not, why not? Seems like a useful app to me. It might help me figure out which apps are sucking my battery dry.
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    I think you may be looking for JSTop, it's in Preware.
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    i heard there is a jstop in preware that does similar job?

    also, the memory leak happens, which is different from battery usage.

    when app is loaded, it doesn't consume significant battery until you operate on it. I tested this by opening 3 or 4 apps, just leave them there for several hours, the battery drain is just as normal when there is no apps open.

    If your phone got hot, obviously its running something, i would check your email setting first.
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    I've been wondering the same thing. I'm going to get jstop right now. i hope it allows you to end running apps also. i think that when i close apps they keep running than i get the "to many cards" error.

    If you get the luna restart app from preware you wont have to do a full shut down. you can do a luna restart which is much faster.
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    according to jstop with no cards open i was using 24MB. After a luna restart i was only using 15MB. that means things are staying open when they should be closed.
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    I am following this as well. There are a couple apps that I believe cause this problem more than others. The first, which drained my battery in 1 to 2 hours, was the actual camera. I took a couple pictures, then closed the camera. However, I noticed my phone was warm a little later. I moved on and took a look at my phone a little later to find that my phone was completely dead. I had to charge my Pre for about 10 minutes just to be able to turn it on.

    The other app that, I suspect, stays loaded after you close it and runs inconsistently is my Google Reader app, 'Feeds'. Once you start this behemoth, be prepared to keep track of your battery level.

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