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    I thought I would find more people with this problem, but I can't seem to find anything that is recent (ie, anything being used with, etc.)

    I have numerous alarms set in the regular WebOS clock app. Great. I usually dismiss the notification at the bottom because I find it obnoxious that it's constantly reminding me when I'm waking up tomorrow.

    Every so often, once every couple of weeks or so, however, the app completely resets. My alarms don't delete, per se, but are all reset to 7:00 AM and turned to off. The clock is changed to digital from analog. And I wake up at 7:30 wondering why nothing ever went off at 6:30 to get me up.

    I am baffled. This happened on my first pre and now my second pre. I believe alarms do back up to Palm profile (as they were there when I got the second pre and logged in). Maybe they're not backing up right? Does anyone have any ideas on how I can keep the alarms there, reliably?

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    am having the same problem if i set my alarms so i can wake up in the morning then i have another alarm to wake up my sons for school if i have them on then my phone wont ring, if i turn them off then my calls come in and ring in, but everytime i go to set my alarms i have to click on the plus symbol then they reappear like magic, so i have to click on the clock everytime to confirm my alarms are on to make sure i get up otherwise if i forget to check to make sure they are set seeing i have them saved in the phone and they are clicked to on, they sometimes wont even go off, i just had sprint rep on the phone reset my phone and it worked like for 2 days then it started having the memory leaks again and apps not loading stating there where to many cards open to the alarm not functioning ike it should, every since this last update from sprint under the updates icon i have had these issues and sprint keeps saying they arent getting any of those types of problems from others customers. which i know they have to be lying about i cant possibly be the only one having these issues, yet sprint says the palm pres have no recall info on them yet they should these phones are junk , they crack on the side where you plug in the charges it gets a crack that runs right below the plug in hole, and i had it happen to mine had it happen to my employees phone and i know of about 20 others it has happened to yet sprint says they have no record of a known issue of this happening to the palm pre so they wont cover it under my warranty. plus the ringer half the time doesnt ring it will say i have missed a call yet i have 7 bars on signal and it just doesnt ring, very frustrating i should have stuck with my HTC or my I85 that i loved. this is junk
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    If it's linked to the profile then I wonder if maybe turning off your Backup would solve this. This is strange I haven't experienced this problem, but can understand how frustrating it is when your alarm doesn't wake you up.
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    I had this happen a few times to me before also, Just figured it was a glitch and had to reset everything again myself... So far so good on 1.4 i guess...
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    So far 1.4 has been fine...though it's only been a few days. 1.4 fixed a lot of other problems...maybe this one too? Only time will tell.
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    My phone is updated to 1.4, and this happened on Monday 03/01. All my alarms reset to 10:00AM.

    This is very very bad as I rely on my phone for an alarm clock as well. Annoying.
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    has anyone figured out a fix for this yet? i use my phone as my alarm clock for the school and I can't keep on risking that it wont go off
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    My alarm isn't resetting like yours; however, it isn't making any sound. I have it set to make noise even when the ringer is off, but no go.
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    I have 5 alarms setup but only the 1st alarm goes off. I was late 1hr for school last week because of this. Also all of the stock ringtones disappeared.
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    I just had this same problem. My alarm for this morning is still there but now set to 12:00 am and set to off.

    - Craig
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    This has happens to me at least once a week since 1.3.5, and including 1.4. Thankfully, it hasn't reset my alarms in the middle of the night. I typically have about 6-8 alarms set for specific times that I can enable/disable as my schedule requires, but about once a week they all reset to the same standard time like "10:00 AM Daily" and resets all the settings including the chosen alarm-tone. As I said, thankfully I catch this at night when I set my alarms to turn on for the next day.

    It's more annoying than anything bad, so far.
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    This is similar to an issue I'm having. My alarms just disappear. Every few days, I'll open up my clock app to the alarms, and they're gone. I have to recreate an alarm. So far, I've never had it fail when I've got an alarm set to "on," but this is getting annoying having to recreate my alarms each time.

    I always leave the notification for the alarm up after I set it in case that's related. For me, this has only started happening with 1.4
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    My alarms are not deleted; they simply do not go off.
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    Count me in... did it to me yesterday and today... thought it was me. Now believe it is my Pre.
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    Every so often my alarm settings will reset. The previous settings will be gone or they will reset to a random time. The last time it did it they reset to 10 am??
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    I just had this problem happen again, this morning. This was the first time since upgrading to 1.4.0. Instead of having my two alarms disappear completely, instead they both got reset to 12pm/daily/wrong ringtone. I was actually late for work because of it.

    I ended up calling Sprint, who then transferred me to Palm. Both of them were clueless of the problem, and Palm had me do the standard "do a device reset and call us back in three weeks". They pretty much assured me that they will want me to completely erase device, next time. Sigh.

    I just read a report on how Palm Inc. is struggling, financially. If they can't get the basics down, like Alarm clocks, it looks like they will lose yet another
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    I've constantly been having this issue... previous firmwares and current 1.4 also. i thought it would be fxied in 1.4 but it happened a few times already...

    is this a small issue since I haven't heard much of this problem??? Really annoying to fix it all the time when it resets.

    Hope Palm catches this...
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    I just had this happen to me last night for the first time. The alarms were not deleted but reset to "off" and a 8 am. This scares me a bit as I depend on the Pre exclusively. Obviously, I'm on 1.4.0
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    My morning alarm for work reset itself to 12pm (or am) I dont remember, and it set the default sound to none. Not sure why....I set it alongside my clock alarm by my bed, but not good to know it can randomly reset if I need to depend on it. Hopefully a fix in the next update I'm sure.
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    ahh man, I thought it was maybe me. My 745 Weekdays alarm was set to off. It didn't go off this morning. When I checked it, it was set to off. I don't mess with that alarm since it doesn't go off during the weekend.

    Here we go again.... Lol
    Yep, I'm on 1.4.
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