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    I still have this problem all the time. And no I won't turn off backup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanielonfire View Post
    I thought I would find more people with this problem, but I can't seem to find anything that is recent (ie, anything being used with, etc.)

    I have numerous alarms set in the regular WebOS clock app. Great. I usually dismiss the notification at the bottom because I find it obnoxious that it's constantly reminding me when I'm waking up tomorrow.

    Every so often, once every couple of weeks or so, however, the app completely resets. My alarms don't delete, per se, but are all reset to 7:00 AM and turned to off. The clock is changed to digital from analog. And I wake up at 7:30 wondering why nothing ever went off at 6:30 to get me up.

    I am baffled. This happened on my first pre and now my second pre. I believe alarms do back up to Palm profile (as they were there when I got the second pre and logged in). Maybe they're not backing up right? Does anyone have any ideas on how I can keep the alarms there, reliably?

    Do you ever do battery pulls? I have found that when I pull the battery out without shutting down, this same thing happens.
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    i've had this problem as well, so I made a setting on mode switcher that automatically starts the clock app in the evenings when charging on the touchstone.

    this solves one problem in that I automatically check alarm clock everyday and make sure that my alarms are not reset and turned off. BUT, I find that my alarms are reset practically every 2 days... I wonder if this helps figure out the underlying problem?
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    This issue has been happening to me for a long time, and I'm actually surprised nobody has found the same workaround that I have. All you have to do is leave your clock app open overnight. As long as the app is open (I don't swipe away the notification either) the alarms never reset. This is probably a better solution than turning off backup. As soon as you wake up in the morning you can just swipe it away, just make sure to open it back up each night and check that the alarms are still set correctly.

    If the clock app is closed however it's almost guaranteed that every couple of days they WILL reset. Here are some things I've noticed: It doesn't matter how many alarms you have set, they will all reset back to off and the same times as each other; the times they reset to are random but I see 7am, 10am and 11am alot; it doesn't matter if you use the 24 hour clock; it doesn't matter if you use digital or analog clock; it doesn't matter if you use the clock sync app.
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    Well, just as a followup. I disabled the backups, and the clock has been totally fine.

    Then one evening i turned the backups back on and performed one manually... and the clock app reset.

    So there you go. Its backups, for sure.
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