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    When I add a contact the phone number does not allow me to have a (xxx) xxx-xxxx format. It just saves it as xxxxxxx. Little thing but that drives me crazy.

    Also does anyone know how to move the curser when editing other than with your finger. It is really difficult to get it where you want if you need to make a minor edit. The backspace erases. Is there a way to move along text without backspace or your finger?

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    re: cursor movement

    If you're in a text box, just hold the "orange" key and drag your finger around anywhere on the screen. It turns the whole screen into a sort of touchpad like on a laptop.

    Also, FWIW, the Help app in the Pre is quite good for these kind of questions. A quick search on "cursor edit" turns up the "Move the Cursor" topic, which explains this.
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    Cool. Thanks. I still have to figure out the phone number thing. I will try help or download the user manual. The one that came in the box is not very extensive.
    700P...755...Pre+...Pre 2...Touchpad

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