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    We have a chance to see a truly useful application developed for our phones: an OFFICIAL Remember the Milk application!

    They just posted a blog with a link to a survey about where they should head in terms of development for the current year.

    They're (Remember the Milk mobile development) trying to find out in which direction to proceed in in the coming year with application development. We've got to knock down the door of these developers and let them know that we want to see this app made, once and for all!

    In case you don't know what Remember the Milk (RTM) is, it's basically a to-do list and checklist online management service. Essentially, what a RTM application would do for us is allow us to synchronize any number of to-do lists with an online backup. Also, you can share these online to-do lists and truly share these lists with other mobile phone users, whether they be on iPhone, Android, or whatever (there are already RTM apps for these phones, and they're WORLDS better than the one that we have which is in beta).

    The WebOS application store has a huge impact on WebOS device sales. What customers (and potential customers) see in our application store (or DON'T see in our store) affects their opinion of the Web OS itself. It's an unfortunate truth that a good OS can't stand alone anymore on a smart phone. Today's game is all about the application variety and quality.

    My point here is that Remember the Milk is a popular website. Every application that is released for WebOS from popular sources is a huge boost in publicity for not only the Pre and Pixi but more importantly, for this KILLER operating system!

    Being the low ones on the totem pole, we've got to fight every step of the way to help keep this OS going. I know if you're here and you're reading this, then you feel as I do that we have an amazing OS to use.

    So if you want to help make this happen, let's let 'em know!

    1.) Go to Remember The Milk Mobile Survey 2010: Help Bob Decide! - Remember The Milk Blog

    2.) Click "Take the Remember the Milk Mobile Survey".

    3 .) Take the survey (I suggest choosing options strategically to help increase the chances of getting them to decide in our favor, but maybe that's just me?)

    UPDATE: In the survey on the last page, one question asks what specifically you'd like them to develop in the coming year. There are two choices. One is for them to create an entirely new RTM application from scratch for WebOS. The other is for them to modify the existing 'Tasks' application on our phones to allow for tasks syncing.

    If they modify the existing application, I can't imagine they'd have as much use of all of the wonderful features of RTM as if they just developed a brand new application. Therefore, I believe that to see the best application possible for online tasks management.

    If you agree, you SHOULD select "Palm webOS: Develop new standalone app"

    and NOT THIS ONE:
    Palm webOS: Develop app to sync with Palm webOS tasks

    You're done! You've helped the cause significantly!
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    I wasn't sure where to put it. Mods, if this is bad form feel free to delete this thread.

    I put it here, as well, since this section gets the most traffic.
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