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    I have an O2 UK GSM Pre, updated to latest

    AppScoop which I checked yesterday (been over a week since I last checked) has an app, Eye Test which instead of being free as other apps are, actually says it costs 0.99. I am very tempted to buy it just to see if it is really a paid app but am wary coz I read of people trying to installed paid apps which were accidentally released and phone causing problems after that/

    Anyone else have actually tried to buy this app? (says 9 downloads on AppScoop but no reviews) ok, it's not very useful if you do not want to have a pocket randomize eye chart really but just more of testing if paid apps are available, at least in AppScoop.
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    Its says its not available in my region
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    I'm also curious if anyone outside the U.S. can download & pay for a paid app via AppScoop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chirurgie View Post
    I have an O2 UK GSM Pre, updated to latest
    The latest UK version of WebOS is, you must have the Sprint firmware.
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    I apologise, I did mean (not the US it's a full O2 package.

    I took the plunge and tried to buy Eye Test and a window pops up to say:

    Sorry, Application Unavailable
    This application is not available in your region.

    Why the heck is it there and list 0.99 then? ah well
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    Yeah, this is probably a bug. I'm guessing Palm incorrectly published this app. I'm in touch with them. Will update you guys when I hear back.
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