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Analyst Predicts Bright Future For Palm’s WebOS

Palm’s stock jumped 7.1 percent to $11.29 a share today after Deutsche Bank analyst Jonathan Goldberg released bullish comments about the handset maker.

Goldberg said he not only believed that the webOS platform could become valuable if Palm (NSDQ: PALM) continues to add new carriers, but reignited rumors that there’s a possibility of a sale within the next two years. In addition, he repeated his “Buy” rating on the stock, and raised his price target to $20, from $19—nearly doubling the stock price from yesterday, reports Barron’s Tech Trader Daily.

Previously, analysts and others speculated that Nokia (NYSE: NOK), HP or even Dell would be interested in buying the company. A larger parent might provide more capital, so that the handset-maker can expand more quickly. A partner may also bring new distribution to the table, including carrier partnerships. Goldberg did not speculate who the buyer might be.

—Device sales: The analyst was very optimistic about Palm’s January announcement that Verizon Wireless will be offering the Palm Pixi and the Palm Pre Plus. He thinks they can sell 600,000 units in the February quarter, with Palm’s total sales reaching 1.3 million units. He is forecasting 7.3 million units for calendar 2010, and 11.3 million in 2011.

—Applications: Goldberg is also optimistic about the number of applications in Palm’s App Catalog. In January, the company took the SDK out of beta, allowing any developers to create games or other apps on the platform. He says Palm currently has 1,288, but by the end of the year end, he thinks it will soar beyond BlackBerry’s 5,000 apps, and maybe beyond Android’s 20,000 apps. (He believes Palm already has more than Windows Mobile and Nokia’s Ovi.)