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    hey guys, is there any way to get rid of apps that came on my pre plus? like lets see, amazon mp3, tasks, bluetooth, music, videos, etc? i just dont want or need them..they come stock on the phone but i cant figure out how to take them off? any ideas? thanks
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    There are patches that remove some of them, including music player, amazon, nfl, ect.
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    you wont get rid off all of them but you can hide a few , personally i would not hide bluetooth music or video if i were you but your not me so.........
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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  4. dirtaymcgirt
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    how do i hide them or get a patch to erase them? thanks
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    if ur not going to use anything on the phone then why you get it in the first place
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    dont be a meatball. i said i wanted to get rid of a few apps. i use everything cept bluetooth and music and video player and im not buying music from amazon thats for sure and i have memos i dont need tasks i mean these things are unnecessary
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    ROFL. Jeez dude don't be such a meatball.

    You can "hide" some of those apps, so that you never see them, but you can't delete them. In order to hide them you'll need to get Preware.
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    okay thanks bro ill search for preware u the man broski
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    you don't use a bluetooth headset? Are you still wired man? LOL!
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    i don't use a bluetooth headset either. i think they mostly look really stupid, and i'm quite into "futuristic" things in general. i've considered the wireless motorokr, but idk. the single ear ones are just really stupid looking to me. perhaps due to the fact that i see too many people wearing them all day long like it's some fashion accessory that has caused me to feel this way, hahah.

    i'm so 2003, i know.
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    sssh in and delete them.

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